The hair salons in our TIGI Hairdressing Academies cater to the selective client who understands the value of our world-renowned education and service.

We are devoted to education through innovation and our students receive training on the latest trends and techniques. You will love the look you wear out of the salon, even weeks after your appointment. Let us welcome you into the TIGI family and show you what devotion to our clients and the hair industry is all about.

Hair Cutting Services
Styling Services
Hair Color Services
Texture Services
Treatment Services & Misc.
Women's Haircut & Style: $20.00
Men's Haircut & Style: $15.00
Junior Haircut & Style: $15.00
Toner/Glaze: $15.00
Blow Out: $15.00
Iron Work: $15.00
Updo: $40.00
Prom Special (Updo, Makeup, Manicure): $55.00
Roller Set: $15.00
Root Color: $25.00
Root Color w/ Balance: $40.00
Full Foil: $65.00
Partial Foil: $40.00
Mini Foil: $25.00
Classic Coloring Services

Balayage, or 'lived in color', is the industry's newest trend. Balayage is an end result; not necessarily a specific technique. It includes open air painting, foilyage, weaving and teasing and micro lights. All of our stylists are certified experts by one of the leading companies of artists, Masters of Balyage.

Modern Lived-In Balayage Color Services
*Booked by session
Full Session (4 hours)
Includes: Perfect Hairline, Lightening (Tease & Weave, Weave & Tease, Slice/Tease, Open Air), Global Toner, Root Smudge, Haircut, Style/Curls
Partial Refresh Session (3 hours)
Includes: Perfect Hairline, Lightening/Top Horseshoe (Tease & Weave, Weave & Tease, Slice/Tease, Root Shade), Global Toner, Root Smudge, Haircut, Style/Curls
Mini Session (2 hours)
Includes: Perfect Hairline, Global Toner, Root Smudge, Haircut, Style/Curls
Lived-In Single Session (2 hours)
Includes: Perfect Hairline, Root Coverage, Global Tonger, Root Smudge, Haircut, Style/Curls
Keratin Long Lasting: $185.00
Keratin Express: $75.00
Keratin Blow Dry: $35.00
Perm: $35.00
Serum Treatment: $15.00
Scalp Treatment: $15.00
Manicure: $8.00
Makeup: $18.00

Our TIGI Hairdressing Academy guest services are conducted by cosmetology students that have finished their freshman and sophomore curriculum requirements. All of our students have additional on-floor coaching and support from their cosmetology instructors and educators.

Our senior students are in their last months of training before they move on to begin their careers as stylists. The training time of our junior students is slightly longer when considering their hair cutting services.



If you have any questions or would like to speak with our team, we'd be happy to help!